Luis grew up in Guatemala where he became and avid Triathlete as a teenager & he found his love for endurance sports at an early age competing in all distances of triathlons becoming the best junior triathlete for his country at age 18 and by age 20 completing his first Ironman Triathlon. Fast forward twenty plus years of personal experiences with endurance sports, strength training, helping non profit organizations by biking across the US in 27 days on a single speed bike or holding a 30 minute plank to help victims of human trafficking. Luis has discovered his own method of balancing the body by focusing how to train highlighting quality with human strength, mobility and endurance. His passion to help others and to connect with each one of his clients at a personal level to help them create a customized style of training that will fit them individually is what he loves doing the most and that is where the spirit of Tres Sports has set roots. Passion, personal experience, love for helping others as a Christian and a high sense to continue discovering ways to stay fit has allowed Luis to be a one of a kind Personal Trainer. Luis sees training/coaching as an art that needs to be inspired from the soul of the individual in order to continue evolving and developing patterns of consistency to lead people to live very active life styles that will allow them to live healthier and happier.

Luis is also an inventor & you can purchase his fitness inventions in the TresSports Shop