Erika Eklund

I needed to be accountable to someone each week and to push myself beyond where I was in my fitness regimen, if you could call it that. Joel at Tres is doing both—he’s waiting for me when I arrive at 6am with a smile, and then he drops the hammer!! I’m stronger than I’ve been in years, and we actually have a pretty good time!

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John Solem

I have been working out with Tres Sports for over two years now. I have to say, that both of the trainers, Joel and Luis, are very knowledgeable, friendly, and make working out a lot of fun! If you want to go to a training environment where you will get results, learn a lot, and have fun… look no further than Tres Sports. They’ve changed my outlook on fitness for the better!

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Justin Frey

Tres Sports is a beautiful and intimate gym. I've been training with Joel for over three months now and have made a lot of progress. Joel is genuinely committed to helping me achieve my personal fitness goals. I can't say that about the other trainers I've worked with at large fitness centers.

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sarah parks

I was lucky enough to find Luis through Facebook. I got a recommendation from a fellow triathlete. I could not have gotten luckier. We started out with a face to face meeting and I knew from the moment I met him I was going to hire him. My goal was to qualify for Boston at Grandmas last spring. He sent me weekly emails with the plan and worked around my night shift schedule with workouts that made sense. I qualified and it was on to Boston. I had a nagging injury over the summer so the plan for Boston was to add more cross training to the plan. It worked beautifully and I had a great race. I even qualified again!!
Luis is the best and I am sure the other coaches at Tres are amazing as well

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Kit Briem

Joel Hoekstra and Tres Sports is the winning combination!

Joel is layering in the workouts ; I feel it, but I'm not so sore that I want to bale. Just the right mix of compassion and push. I'm meeting my goals and he's been incredibly flexible with my ever changing schedule.

Every visit to Tres Sports feels like a trip to my personal spa. It's quiet, private, beautiful, and elegant.

If you need a little motivation or want to up your fitness, I highly recommend Joel at Tres Sports as a personal trainer!

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Huck Finn

So much positive I could say about Tres Sports and Luis! He's more than just a trainer. He sees the intrinsic value to every human he encounters. Luis spends so much time and effort getting to know the individual, and then he individualizes the training to support their goals and needs.

Here's an example: I was not a runner. I was 6-3, 230 lbs. In January I could barely run 3 miles. But Luis gave me a smart training plan that pushed me without causing injury. Within 4 months I ran a half-marathon and beat my goal time by nearly 7 minutes! Then I kept on running with Luis' guidance. Again, smart training that challenged my abilities without causing any stress-related injuries. And 5 months later Luis had me running the Twin Cities marathon, finishing under 10 min./mile. To go from struggling to run 3 miles to running +26.2 in 10 months...without getting impressive and it never would have happened without Luis' training method (and amazing support from my wife!).
Luis knows his stuff. He cares far more about proper form than repetitions or weight lifted. Thank you Luis!

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Lisa Roebuck-Krasno

Luis came highly recommended to me so my husband and I met with him almost a year ago to talk about our needs and our goals (we're in our 60's). We sat with Luis for an hour and told him about our "issues" and our lifestyle and what we wanted to gain moving forward. He's a great listener and by the end of the hour we knew we had found our guy. He has guided both of us to gain strength, balance and stamina and we love his encouraging style and his sense of humor. He is very knowledgeable and is able to work both of us to the max even though we may need slightly different things in our semi-private sessions. I encourage everyone I know to work with Luis!

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