Huck Finn

So much positive I could say about Tres Sports and Luis! He's more than just a trainer. He sees the intrinsic value to every human he encounters. Luis spends so much time and effort getting to know the individual, and then he individualizes the training to support their goals and needs.

Here's an example: I was not a runner. I was 6-3, 230 lbs. In January I could barely run 3 miles. But Luis gave me a smart training plan that pushed me without causing injury. Within 4 months I ran a half-marathon and beat my goal time by nearly 7 minutes! Then I kept on running with Luis' guidance. Again, smart training that challenged my abilities without causing any stress-related injuries. And 5 months later Luis had me running the Twin Cities marathon, finishing under 10 min./mile. To go from struggling to run 3 miles to running +26.2 in 10 months...without getting impressive and it never would have happened without Luis' training method (and amazing support from my wife!).
Luis knows his stuff. He cares far more about proper form than repetitions or weight lifted. Thank you Luis!